Pigment preparations

Many manufacturers of pigments also manufacture pigment preparations. Furthermore, there are companies which largely focus on processing pigments into pigment preparations. These preparations include, by way of example

  • powder pigment preparationsVerband der Mineralfarben Industrie VDMI - Pigmentpräparationen
  • aqueous liquid pigment preparations
  • pigment pastes
  • dry colour pigments
  • masterbatches (see Masterbatches)

Most pigment preparations are tailored for use in different media and on various substrates (e.g. special plastic materials, aqueous media), with the possibility of customer-specific preparations.

Essentially, pigment preparations enable easier incorporation in industrial processes and easier dosing. There are also advantages in transport and storage. Pigment preparations are used in a wide range of customer industries (e.g. paints and coatings, printing inks, plastics).

The membership list of VdMi with the manufacturers of pigment preparations can be found here.

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