at the Verband der Mineralfarbenindustrie e.V.

Pigments and fillers

are represented in almost all areas of our lives.

Glazes, plastics, paints,

and many other applications make life more colourful.

Food colourants and photocatalysis

are special applications with particular requirements.

Verband der Mineralfarbenindustrie e. V.

has been founded in 1877 as a sector group of the then founded interest group of the German chemical industry, now called "Verband der chemischen Industrie e. V." At that time our association represented mainly colours made from mineral sources. Today the range is much wider, from inorganic and organic pigments to masterbatches and artists colours. The complete list is contained in products.

  • The manifold topicsThe manifold topics

    and issues relevant to the VdMi are usually taken up and discussed by the VdMi’s departments and technical committees. Here some key issues are described in more detail ...

The classification of titanium dioxide,






being the most important white pigment, as probably carcinogenic by inhalation affects many of the companies represented by the VdMi. The association therefore accompanies the entire process and informs about the consequences for industry and consumers.

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On food packaging and other food contact materials,






particularly high demands are placed. The same applies to the pigments and fillers used in these applications. In Germany, national regulations for printing inks in contact with food are currently being discussed.

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    January 2023
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